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LeyWood is dedicated to providing professional, high-quality ICT services with a competitive price-to-quality ratio. Our core principles are built upon fostering enduring relationships with both customers and employees, maintaining an efficient ISO and NEN certified organization, and operating with a Lean cost structure. Here's an overview of what LeyWood represents:

- We hold ISO 9001:2015 and NEN 4400-01 certifications for delivering a range of ICT services and solutions, including consultancy, secondment, project implementation, and application management.
- Account management focuses on nurturing long-term customer relationships and consistently monitoring customer satisfaction, contributing to our exceptional reputation and high customer contentment.
- Field Management ensures ongoing customer and employee satisfaction, bolstered by our commitment to being recognized as a "Top Employer Netherlands."

**Matching Process:**
- Our meticulous Matching process ensures the perfect alignment between customer requirements and the ideal available employee.

**Project Management:**
- Our Project Management approach mitigates risks and ensures the on-time delivery of agreed-upon systems.

**Knowledge Management:**
- We emphasize Knowledge Management, facilitating strategic learning through mentorship and peer interactions. This accelerates knowledge absorption and exchange between employees and customers, aligned with our motto: Learn, create, and make it work!

**Specialization and Full Support:**
- Due to our specialization across various market sectors and disciplines, our skilled employees are equipped to contribute to all phases of the software process.

**Regional and International Support:**
- With a network of over 300 ICT professionals in offices spanning Amsterdam and Lahore (Pakistan), we provide support to customers across the Netherlands, Europe, and beyond.

- Our rates are competitively positioned, reflecting the exceptional quality of our workforce.

- Our approach encompasses more than just automation. We often recommend mapping and optimizing business processes before delving into automation.

**Independence from Suppliers:**
- We maintain complete independence from suppliers, ensuring our advice and solutions remain unbiased and centered around client needs, rather than promoting specific products.

- Through our Pakistan branch, we offer offshoring options. This strategy brings about cost savings, shortened time to market, expanded turnover, new market access, flexible and scalable capacity, and heightened process efficiency.

**Environmental Care and CSR:**
- Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) have been integral to our operations since 2000. We actively engage with employees and customers to manage our environmental impact and uphold CSR principles based on ISO 14001 and ISO 26000 guidelines.

- Diversity is a crucial CSR value for us. We ensure equal opportunities for all employees regardless of various factors, recognizing that diverse teams yield superior solutions.

As stated by M. Jasin Sajid, CEO of LeyWood, our employees are the true ambassadors of our success, emphasizing their pivotal role in achieving our company's mission and vision.

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