It's great to hear about LeyWood' extensive experience and expertise in providing ICT consultancy services and software development solutions. Your ability to cater to all phases of the software lifecycle, from specification and feasibility to maintenance and project management, demonstrates a comprehensive approach that can be highly valuable to your clients. Your emphasis on applying state-of-the-art ICT concepts and techniques also indicates a commitment to delivering innovative and effective solutions.

Your slogan, "Learn, create and make it work!" encapsulates the essence of your company's approach, emphasizing continuous learning, creative problem-solving, and practical implementation. It's evident that your focus on maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction has resulted in a strong reputation and a solid client base among the top largest companies in the Netherlands.

Your 30 years of experience also speak to your company's longevity and adaptability in the rapidly evolving field of information and communication technology. As technology continues to advance, your ability to stay up-to-date and leverage the latest trends will likely continue to be a key factor in your success.

Overall, your description highlights LeyWood' strengths and capabilities, positioning you as a reliable and knowledgeable partner for businesses seeking ICT solutions in the Netherlands.


Integrate with over 1,000 project management apps

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Integrate with over 1,000 project management apps


LeyWood IT Services growth journey from its establishment in 2016 to becoming an internationally oriented company with branches in the Netherlands and Pakistan is quite impressive. Your expansion speaks to the success of your business model and the value you bring to your customers. The presence of multiple branches across the Netherlands, combined with an offshore office in Dhaka, demonstrates your commitment to offering comprehensive and diverse services on a global scale.

The fact that you employ 30 highly educated ICT professionals highlights your dedication to maintaining a skilled workforce capable of providing expert advice and support across various domains, including managerial, business, administrative automation, R&D, embedded development, and technical and industrial automation. This range of expertise positions you well to cater to a wide range of client needs.

Your organizational culture, as described, is aligned with your commitment to customer satisfaction and delivering results efficiently. Being customer-oriented, accessible, fast, and flexible underscores your dedication to understanding and meeting your clients' requirements promptly. Your emphasis on being learning-oriented is crucial in an ever-evolving technological landscape, where staying updated is key to offering innovative solutions. The "no-nonsense" approach indicates a straightforward and practical approach to problem-solving and service delivery.

Overall, LeyWood growth story, global reach, skilled workforce, and customer-centric culture collectively position you as a reputable and reliable partner for businesses seeking high-quality ICT consultancy services and software development solutions.

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