Mission & Core Values

LeyWood is dedicated to delivering top-notch ICT services and solutions of the highest caliber. Our unwavering commitment lies in not only meeting but exceeding customer expectations, fostering enduring and prosperous collaborations. With a resolute focus on the future, we consistently refine our approaches, continuously innovating and flexibly adapting to the ever-shifting technological and market landscapes. Our primary objective revolves around assisting our valued clientele in seamlessly integrating new ideologies, cutting-edge methodologies, and the latest technologies. Through these efforts, we not only empower our clients but also contribute to the evolution of the industry at large.

Our slogan is therefore: “Learn, create & make it work”.  

LeyWood's core values drive our commitment to excellence in the provision of ICT services and solutions. These values form the foundation of our operations and guide our interactions with customers, employees, and partners:

**Continuity:** LeyWood places paramount importance on nurturing enduring relationships. We achieve this by making continuous investments in both our customers and employees. Our commitment to offering additional value through knowledge sharing, education, and training ensures that these relationships flourish. Supported by a robust financial position, we guarantee a sustainable partnership that evolves with the needs of our stakeholders.

**Quality:** As an ISO 9001:2015 and NEN 4400-1 certified organization, LeyWood is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. We consistently refine and enhance our services to meet the highest standards. Our proactive engagement with customers and employees through direct and regular communication is central to our quality-driven approach. Our consistently outstanding annual customer satisfaction scores attest to the effectiveness of this strategy.

**Professionalism:** At LeyWood, we specialize in delivering superior ICT services and solutions across managerial, administrative, and industrial automation domains. Our approach involves deploying skilled ICT specialists (with qualifications up to HBO level) for secondment, project execution, and advisory roles. Our team remains at the forefront of the industry by participating in continuous knowledge sharing, coaching, training, education, and certifications. This dedication to professionalism ensures that we provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

**Sophistication:** Our commitment to excellence drives us to incorporate state-of-the-art ICT concepts, techniques, and methods. This commitment is further enhanced by domain-specific and industry-specific knowledge and skills. In our Competence Centers, we harness the power of the latest techniques, methodologies, and tools to empower our clients to maintain a competitive edge.

**Independence:** LeyWood takes pride in its complete independence from hardware and software suppliers. This independence empowers us to provide objective and optimal advice and support to our clients. Our recommendations are rooted solely in what serves our clients' best interests.

**Reliability:** By excelling in the domains of continuity, quality, and professionalism, LeyWood establishes itself as a reliable partner for both customers and suppliers. Our unwavering commitment to excellence also extends to our employees, making us a dependable employer. This reliability underscores our commitment to forging lasting partnerships and maintaining our standing as a trusted industry leader.

These core values define the essence of LeyWood and drive our mission to provide unparalleled ICT services and solutions to our valued clients.

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