Do you have a lot of experience in IT and the desire to get better every day? Then LeyWood is the right place for you. Due to the rapid developments in our market, we believe it is essential to continue to work on the competences of our employees (both technically and communicatively).

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LeyWood therefore provides both internal and external training programs and certification programs for all its professionals.

Abouzar Rana
At LeyWood, knowledge is shared intensively with each other. In addition, I am given the freedom to give substance to improving my own and related general IT knowledge level.

Abouzar Rana 
Database designer LeyWood

We consider the transfer of knowledge and research into current developments to be very important. This takes place through various well-attended Special Interest Groups (SIG) and the Consultant Development Program (CDP), where every professional can rely on a coach. LeyWood offers you excellent employment conditions and training opportunities and structured programs for progression to more demanding positions.

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It is the opportunity to grow in a dynamic and healthy Top Employer ICT company. The state-of-the-art projects also remain challenging for the more experienced professionals. And that also at Top 500 companies!

There is a collegial, informal and professional working atmosphere at LeyWood, where young and old, experienced and less experienced find each other to exchange knowledge.

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